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Hello, my name is Linda Lee Patterson and do I have a story to tell…

I need your help in letting the world know about my journey and I am asking you to participate in this message that has already begun to change lives all over the planet!! TOGETHER, we can increase awareness of the power of change, and reach other individuals to show them there is another way to live!! You can join in our efforts by donating so that Journey to Change can continue to reach others; by telling everyone you know about Journey to Change and by setting up media and print interviews. I can also be scheduled to speak at your event about Journey to Change.

Journey to Change is inspiring many people and continues to expand and grow!!

You see, over 13 years ago, I was afraid to go to the market alone. I was full of fear about everything and everybody. I was a victim of circumstances and was lost in domestic violence and various addictions. I could not see any way out and I believed that life would never change. However, with the help of God and various mentors, I was able to break loose from my “prisons” and began to live life anew. I’ve learned to take full responsibility for my choices and actions.

On July 15, 2011, I set out on a historic journey that impacted people all over the globe. I rode 7,000 miles across America, SOLO, on a motorcycle. My trip was designed to inspire others that if I can change and break out of my self-made prison, then they could also!! I created a web site and with the public’s help, booked various TV, radio and print media along my journey!!

My Dragon Slayer and I caught the attention of many people all over the world including Harley-Davidson. They posted a blog about my Journey on their Facebook page and within 18 hours it had received 4,000 comments and 10,000“likes”!! Harley-Davidson was as surprised as we were!! By their own admission, no other post has even come close to that many comments or “likes”!!

My experience, achievements and belief in what a better life has to offer, helps me share the serenity that I have found with others. I now do inspirational speaking both domestically and internationally, helping others in achieving their own goals and breaking free from their own separate “prisons.” When I’m of service to others, my life has purpose. It gives me gratification knowing that my past has provided me with the opportunity to help others become who they want to be. The momentum of speaking with others and talking about change, lead me to broaden my desire to help. I know if I continue to believe in myself and believe in others, TOGETHER, we can each have a Journey to Change!!

I look forward to hearing from you soon!! I appreciate your support and belief in Journey to Change!!

Linda Lee Patterson

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