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  1. Kennethker says:

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  2. Rodneyliz says:

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  3. Liam Kimbro says:

    oh, my. What a life-affirming smile! So bright and genuine. I’m glad to be getting to know you a little, Linda. Long may you RIDE, maam. Beautiful web site, too!

  4. Ron says:

    you all the best and enjoy the ride god bless you allAirport Limo Long Island Limo.

  5. Hendrik Eduard Kuiper says:

    You go girl!! It makes my soul glad to see you doing this!!

  6. Shelley says:

    Thank you for sharing your store. You courage has given me hope to get out and do what I have always desired to do.

  7. Wanda Neff says:

    Such an inspiring story! My bucket list includes this journey viewing the USA on my bike. We do live in a beautiful world! Can’t wait to see it on two wheels. Ride safe and continue to enjoy the views …

  8. Paula Murphy says:

    You Go Girl! I have been riding on my own for a year now but have not had the guts to take any long trips. You are my hero! I would love to do what you are doing.Keep up the good work!

  9. Lisa says:

    Hello just saying if you come to wa State please write me we will give u a place to lay your head……..I could use the words of wisdom myself wtg woman awesome. Head up

  10. Patricia E. Hinkley says:

    Good luck on this summer’s ride ! You are an amazing woman and I wish you much happiness and good health. Stay well and be safe out there….you rock ! Patty Godspeed to you now and always!

  11. SANDY says:


  12. Robin Jones says:

    I think we must of passed one another on this road. My sporty and I have been out there slaying the same dragons…since 2001! Riding alone with God has been an awesome change of life for this vunerable abused gal! I hope our paths cross!

  13. Brian Scott "Doc" says:

    Hey ya Linda…ya know we love you here in Ga. I relay your tale to many first time riders, women especially. Your adventure shows just what can be accomplished when fear is evicted and wonderful new experiences are allowed in. Continue to inspire, endeavor to push the limits, love living in the moment as only a rider can. You Rock…hope to see you soon.

  14. Cindy Gibbs says:

    I read your story in HOG Magazine! As I read it, I related so well to your story.

    I too was a victim of domestic abuse. I left that ugly part of my life in the dust 17 years ago. My new husband (whom I adore) has been, as he says the ‘wind beneath my tail feathers’ as he lifted me from being afraid of my own shadow, self confidence in the gutter and did not trust anyone to a confident, self assured woman who can take on the world. I believe God led me to him as he lifted me up.

    Part of my journey has included traveling with friends (which I would not have dreamed of several years ago); scuba diving and now sharing my story of survival with others. The website above is a forum of people whom I am part of which provide daily life insights for all who are interested. If I can touch one life and encourage them in some way I have had a successful day. The pinnacle of my journey so far is this…In 2006 with the encouragement of my husband I took the HD Riders Course and I learned to ride a motorcycle, at the age of 45. That Christmas my husband gave me a Demon Bell and said this was part of my Christmas present…the present…a 2007 Dyna Low Rider. I love to ride and do it with confidence all the while knowing my husband has my back and is really the wind beneath my wings.

    Again, I enjoyed your story! You are truly an inspiration to many!

    Cindy Gibbs

  15. Spider says:

    When I grow up I want to be just like you…

  16. Spider says:

    When I grow up I want to be just like you.

  17. Jim says:

    Linda. A very inspiring journey you have taken. Your faith in God proves “We are never alone. He is always with us.” I hope you keep the ride going for a long time. Well done and congratulations for a wonderful blog.

  18. Trudy Lancaster says:

    Awesome Journey! Congrats! MAY GOD BLESS YOU:)

  19. SuziWallace says:

    Get Ready to Rock N Roll- Introducing ” The Mutts, Heals and Wheels ” 🙂

    The Rock our World Ride for the Benfit of Animals!!

    I think it will be a spiritual quest with GOD for DOGS 🙂

    What do you think Pussy Cat?


  20. Jaime Velasquez says:

    Hi, I met you yesterday at the Love Ride, I had the Dragon Fly Green bike, wow you are amazing person, and I hope to ride with you on other rides, and maybe on your next journey across the nation.

  21. Destiny says:

    I am so proud of you Linda. We are all survivors in one form or another. What we choose to make of ourselves is totally reliant on our strength to ask for help and the courage to do so. Love you!

  22. I know what it is like to tour the U.S and the world.
    It is a great state of mine.

    Wow you were on some of the hottest and dryest roads of all times…

  23. Rik/Starglyderz says:

    Long Arm Hard! Now you know why all us bikers are left handed. Ever try to take a shot with the RIGHT hand while at cruzin speed?

  24. Rik/Starglyderz says:

    Long Arm Hard? Now you know why all us bikers are left handed. Ever try to shoot a shot with your RIGHT hand at cruzin speed?

  25. Debbie Acosta says:

    Just heard the radio interview. You are a natural. WOW this is big mama…..

    Love you,


  26. Deb says:

    I can honestly say on this day… that I understand what it means to abandon your fears and walk through them … coming out the other side of that experience is a miracle… thank you for your inspiration … I’m not there yet … but ADAAT I will be !!

  27. LES PIERCE says:



  28. Carol Gallaher says:

    I just looked @ your route and realized this journey is already completed and you stopped @ Valley HD in Belmont, OH on July 19! That is my local HD store and where I shop! SOOOO sorry I missed you! Just found you and your journey info on HD website, wish I had found it before today!

  29. Carol Gallaher says:

    HI Linda! Hello from Ohio! So proud of you! Cherish every second of your amazing journey! I bought a Sporty 883 two years ago but only started riding it three weeks ago & now can’t keep me off it!! Its all I think about day & night! LUV IT! A life-long dream come true! But I obviously don’t have to tell you the feeling of freedom riding gives you! Great pic and bike! Looking forward to following your progress! Keep your knees in the wind and be SAFE!! 🙂

  30. Dwayne Wilburn says:

    Just found you here on face book, wish i could have found out about this sooner so we could follow along on your Journey. We are on a Journey of sorts ourselves and just wanted to wish you well in all you do!

  31. Marty says:

    Way to make your own way. To go out in the world and become strong, to discover your mission in life & always from the heart! Much Love & Aloha from Tacoma

  32. LES PIERCE says:


  33. Peter Kemp says:

    Left a note on Facebook, great to see you on the road, enjoy the miles on the Harley 🙂

  34. jaime baker says:

    I can’t believe it took me so long to find out about your epic quest. You have, obviously, conquered your own demons and you are helping pave the way for others. Kudos to you for the courage and strength of character you are showing. I’m certain you are an inspiration to many people,in general,and a lot of women, in particular.

  35. ednolan says:

    Im glad your back safe however I nwver had any doubts youve grown so much I hope youve saved a little room But in reality this is just the beginning hope I can fly high enough to keep you in view LUVULOTS

  36. Your Assistant says:

    Proud of you Linda!!!! You rode for all of the women in the world to inspire them that they to can have a dream. Can’t wait to see what’s next!!!!

  37. Tammy Caple says:

    After reading the Harley news feed about your journey, I was inspired not to be fearful of riding. I purchased my first bike three weeks ago and was too scared to leave the neighborhood. Reading about your journey made realized I had nothing to fear. I have plenty of confidence in and around the Army for 17 years. Your trip inspired me to leave the neighbor and down the road I went this evening. What a feeling of freedom! Thank you for being an inspiration to others. Wishing you safe travels, God Bless!

  38. Thomas Ferranti says:

    “Together – we can each have a journey to change.” – sounds great – but I guess I’m feeling very down at the moment. I was told all my life that I was very creative and would probably end up fulfilling my dreams through my art and music, etc., and yet, here I am, unemployed, and dreading getting another J.O.B. (just over broke). At 46 is it too late to hope for that elusive word; “TOGETHER” as stated in your slogan? I think many took for granted many of the mentors that i never had. Sorry to not end on a positive note. Best to you.

    • Thomas,
      46 is still young enough to live life. I’m sorry that life is not working out the way you want. Sometimes, it’s hard to make the best of things when they are not what we want. Keep trying Thomas!!

  39. mike mahaney says:

    Linda; The Road is a great teacher and i know what a great student you are. May God bless you and your safety and we look forward to your return, love mike m

  40. The Crusader says:

    Yee Haw, Have a great trip, and remember what Ricky Bobbies father told him….”If you ain’t first your last” Keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down, good luck.

  41. Michelle says:

    What a fantastic story! I can’t wait to read the book! I’ve been saying for years that some day I hope to own a Harley and ride cross country. I have been a single mother for 13 years focusing on parenting but when my daughter goes off to college, look out world, here I come!! Like so many others have said, you are an inspiration. A faith in God, a belief that you can do whatever you put your mind to and the strength and courage to make a plan and go for it! Like you, I anticipate riding with tears when I make my journey. Ride on and ride safe! Would love to hear other stories of inspiration. Maybe you could share more about your mentoring.

  42. Viki says:

    I am reading about your journey after you just finished, but I want to let you know it is moving. You are a beacon for others looking for the light. Thank You and I hope you realized how special you truely are!! Congratulations on your journey and I hope your next chapter is even more spectacular.

  43. Keeley Ward says:

    Ride Linda Ride! You are a brave woman and I am one who has battled demons too so I am right there beside you! You will inspire many and most of all, you will inspire yourself! I am looking forward to following your journey and seeing the pics and I know that this will be the best time of your life! Open your heart, your mind and embrace everything that comes along!

  44. Andrea Bilic says:

    Sorry to brake it to you, there is no God. Everything you did, you did it alone because you wanted to do it. Have a safe jurney and enjoy yourelf!

  45. Rod Love says:

    You are truly an inspiration. I have a daughter in law that I love dearly,but she struggles with anxiety.I hope your story and journey can inspire her in some way. Do you have any words of advice for her?

  46. Dee says:

    God bless u. Never give up or in. If u r ever in central illinois send me a email. Would love to do lunch. Always like to meet other lady bikers.


  47. Richard says:

    Thru God all is possible!

  48. Heather Woodall says:

    Your a true inspiration to me and all woman, thank you! I hope to be doing the same one day 🙂
    Cincinnati, Ohio

  49. Lisa Jensen says:

    you have found true freedom. helmets off to ya!

  50. Sydney Brooks says:

    How thrilling to be out in the “Wild” runnin’ free…I ride actual horse-power in the wilds of Steens Mountain. Keep on truckin!

  51. chris arnone says:

    you rock ! what an amazing thing you did for yourself and others. keep believing in your strength.

  52. Emily Everett says:

    CONGRATULATIONS on an amazing journey! I wish I would have been in town to bring hugs and ride some in Beaver. There is NOTHING more empowering and just no feeling like riding your own bike on the open road. I hope you had an amazing journey and must admit I hope to do the same someday. I truly congratulate you on your journey and wish you a safe journey on all your next adventures! =)

  53. Bruce Watson says:

    Congratulations!! Enjoy your days, nights, ride. I am always at ease when I ride.


  54. Dee Wallington says:

    Ride for me. Ride for you and ride for the love of the roar of the engine. I envy you.

  55. Ginette says:

    You are truly an inspiration to women riders !! What an amazing task you motivated yourself to do !! Pat yourself on the back, and keep smiling !! I enjoyed your story… From another lady rider, loving the open road !!

  56. Thomas R. Davis says:

    Keep going. It IS all about you. The skooter is almost as pretty as you.

  57. Sarah says:

    Have a safe and Wondrous trip Linda

  58. Tammi Ziemer says:

    You are amazing, and inspirational. I sent you an email, seriously please contact me! Talk soon

  59. Grant Butterfield says:

    Glad you are home!! That was a hell of a haul in only 15 days. Next time I’ll go with and we’ll smell the roses.
    Great Job!

  60. Jeff Zuber says:

    Ride free my friend! Yours is a story that inspires so many of us. Remember Romans 8:31

  61. debbie says:

    Welcome Home Mama!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love you,


  62. Beth Miller says:

    So glad to have read about you, your struggles, and your journey!

  63. Mark Hornstein says:

    Linda, you are doing something a lot of people would love to do, but they have fears too. Have a safe ride, enjoy the road, and go ahead and make it 10,000 mile just for the heck of it. As the say on, live to ride another day. Mark

  64. Kenny says:

    You go girl. Such an inspiration to women and men alike. Abuse of any kind is wrong, glad you are healing.

  65. Amanda says:

    So glad you found your WINGS and over come alot in your life. I know it takes a long time to get your “SEA LEGS” back. SO VERY PROUD OF YOU!

  66. Amy Joy says:

    Wishing u a safe and spectacular trip! I rode for many years; this country is absolutely beautiful and the Sturgis/Black Hills/custer state park is a must on 2 wheels! U go girl!!!;)

  67. Tim says:

    been across the nation many times on my bikes – you will have a life time of memories from this – good for you –

  68. Ashish Nadar says:

    I am from India and came across your journey through Harley-Davidson on Facebook(Doesnt mean i own 1). I am very much passionate about biking and have done some trips of 600 miles(here it is 1000 km). Cant believe you are travelling 7000 miles. After going through your journal, you have become my ONE AND ONLY BIKING Idol…..

    Hats off to your courage….Don’t know how else i can praise your efforts…..

  69. Limo Driver Jim says:

    Way to go Linda! Enjoy your trip and the people that you meet along the way! Ride Safe!

  70. So glad to have found your website and to have read your story! You are an inspiration to all women no matter if they ride or not! Would love to meet you one of these days to compare stories because your story is similar to mine and both of us are survivors! Are you going to write on book on your adventures and trial and tribulations? I think it would inspire more women like us! GOD speed Linda!

  71. Dusty Cassidy says:

    Great job what an inspiration. You are the woman. Please ride safe Linda.

  72. Melissa says:

    Wow…Good for you…you are truly an inspiration to women everywhere…and you already have me thinking if you can do it so can I….wish you the very best on your journey…love and blessing to u 🙂

  73. Graham English says:


    If you have a faith, stick with it. It is certainly not the deciding factor in summing up the courage to go on a long ride. I wish you all of the best in your endeavour; you’ll meet people that you might not meet in your usual social circle and this alone will broaden your mind. Ride free and take care…

  74. LES PIERCE says:


  75. Hello from Las Cruces! The Barnett’s Las Cruces Harley-Davidson team would like to wish you an amazing week. We’re sorry we missed you for our Garage Party yesterday, but hope you and Dragon Slayer will visit our dealership and wonderful city soon!

  76. Your Assistant says:

    Nothing new on the playing the little man game on the gas tank of your bike. We play that game in your car!!!!! lol

  77. Ron Richhart says:


  78. Alexine Garcia says:

    Hi Linda,
    I am super excited because you are driving through El Paso tomorrow. I write for a Christian newspaper here and am hoping to get a short interview in with you! I will see you at Harley Barnett store tomorrow! I will also be praying that takes you through every mile safely!

  79. Dr. G says:

    Way to go Linda!!! We’ve been keeping up with your blog. Such an exciting journey!

  80. Your Assistant says:

    Wow…great pics….I am glad you are headed back west. It’s been a long 2 weeks…..Gigi and I are very proud of you.

  81. Johanna says:

    Been keeping track of your Journey! I think you know by now you are an inspiration to alot women. Sorry we didn’t get to meet up when you was suppose to meet the “Angels” around the Lancaster/Rockbridge area in Ohio. Keep on riding Girlie and the rubber side down and shiny side up!!! And watch out for them crazy drivers!! Be safe my Friend and know you are not alone 🙂

  82. Anthony Mays says:

    Just been catching up on your blog. I’ve been working a lot of overtime this week, an unable to keep up with your story. Have you thought about writing a book of your experiences of your trip when your done? Stay cool today. You’ll be driving through my stomping grounds in a few hours. Be safe!

  83. debbie says:

    O.K. so just read about your ride in the rain. Really Linda????? LOL I will be glad when you are home safe and sound. By the way, have I told you lately how amazing I think you are and how grateful I am to call you friend?
    Love you,

    • WHAT?? Did I do something wrong?? LOL LOL LOL I didn’t crash or nothing!! Tomorrow I might get to experience a hurricane!! Can’t wait!!

      • debbie says:

        LOL…….. Hurricanes and Tornados, you said nothing about this when I gave you permission to go on this journey. I would not have been so quick to say O.K. hehehehe

        Love you!!!!!!!!

  84. Katy Delbis says:

    Love the pic of the Bullfrog.I have a secret.. When I was young I was deathly afraid of the dark..My mom told me that if I could hear the frogs outside my window that meant all was ok because if there is danger they hide and you can’t hear them… So this guy was blatently telling you everything is sooooo good… Love to you…kd

  85. Ray Jeffers says:

    Linda, I love reading your journal. You are an inspiration. Be safe on your journey and know I am thinking of you always.Your the best.

    • If there was one man on the planet that I look up to, it’s you. It means the world to me that you are following my Journey and took the time to post!! You have taught me so much about life and living!! Thank you for being a part of my life!!

  86. robert rothschild says:

    great job wish i was on ride with you!

  87. Cheryl Whipple says:

    Linda I am so proud of you. you are truelly amasing women. I hope we can become friends. I look up to you. thanks for all your doing. be safe out there. may God Bless you mightly. thanks from all of us that has been there. and have gone thur some things in our lives. thanks for bringing women closer. we need a good network. we need god friends. thank you for all your doing

  88. Suzi says:

    I am so proud of yo and so greatful that we are friends. God is with you on this journey and youa re inspriation to everyone. I love and be safe. P.s. the INverview was wonderful!

  89. Debbie says:


    Eve (my mom) wanted me to tell you that she thinks you are awesome, this coming from a woman that thinks bikes do not belong of freeways LOL…..

    Love you,


  90. Debbie says:

    Just caught up on your blog. Tears in my eyes. So happy for you. So proud.

    Miss you, Love you,


    • joe carrroll says:

      The weather was an entire “Heat Wave”from one end of the USA to the Philly area that day it was 98 and went to 100 the next.And you rode on with courage.I want you on my team;especially if I’m stuck in a foxhole under fire.Rock on ..Ride On Linda!!!

  91. Your Assistant says:

    NOW….That’s the way a lady does it!!!!! 3,500 miles with heels and a dress!!!!!!!!

  92. Shayla says:

    I met your Dad while he was camping in the mountains (I work for the forest service). He talked highly of you and told me about your journey! Talking with him made my day, he’s a good man. So I came home and looked up your blog, I got hooked.. you’ve got such an amazing story! You are so empowering and inspirational to women, and many more! Good luck on your travels, ride safe!

    • ednolan says:

      Linda dont mean to rob your space but In case the lady Shayla from the forest visits here again Thank you shayla for lifting both my little girl and myself up GOD Bless you

    • Shayla,
      Thank you so much for your kind words!! It means the world to me!! I’m so glad you are enjoying the Journey!! Hope you follow your dreams also!!

  93. Debbie Acosta says:

    I just saw the news interview you did. WOW GOD is amazing!!!! Love you, miss you, oh so proud of you.


  94. Jean Hensley says:

    I had the pleasure to meet you when you were leaving the Staybridge Suites this morning 🙂 I want to thank you for taking a few min to talk with me (I was the desk clerk) I want you to know that admire your courage and I think you are a wonderful person to care enough to be an inspiration to others. If your ever in Indianapolis please come back and stay with us and it would be my privledge to buy your dinner for you and show you the wonderful city of Indianapolis. I will pray for you to have a safe journey and for the weather to cool down a little bit 🙂

  95. Deb McAllister in Indy says:

    Wow, Linda, I saw you this morning on Indianapolis channel 8 television. GOOD FOR YOU! Please don’t push yourself too hard. 600 miles per day is a bit much, perhaps? Be safe. You are an inspiration to all women who are afraid to break out of their shell!

  96. Sue De Muro says:

    HI Linda! So glad to see your holding strong! We can’t wait to welcome you home on August 1st here at Barger Harley-Davidson! Our prayers are with you 🙂

  97. stuart rawitt says:

    Linda P,You are definetely an inspiration to both myself and others. I believe in you and will miss you terribly the next few thursday nights. Please know I’m thinking about you and love what you are doing. One mile at a time girl….you rock!! Luv and laughs, Stuart

  98. Your Assistant says:

    Gigi say’s go mommy go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Melissa Donadio says:

    Hi Linda – I love you so much and miss you even more. Drive save!!! xoxo

  100. Your Assistant says:

    Hang in there Linda. One state at a time.

  101. Terry Johnson says:


    See you when you get to Erie PA next Thurs. I am on vacation that day so email me and let me know where you are on Wed. The ladies ride group from Erie would love to escort you into our area.


  102. Lisa says:

    What an inspiration you are! Rock on lady, rock on! I just got my motorcycle learner permit and in a couple of years, I hope to be doing exactly what you are doing.

  103. Your Assistant says:

    Rock on Linda

  104. Your Assistant says:

    Give all you have to give out there Boss to fulfill your journey. Remember, we are all wishing you the best.

  105. Debbie says:

    I am so excited for you to be able to follow your dream. It was a blessing to be able to see you off this morning. You are one of my favorite gifts I have received on my journey. Couldn’t ask for a better best friend.

    I love you and am with you in spirit. Can’t wait to follow you on your journey.


  106. joe carrroll says:

    A Fiend of a friend told me of a friend that had this friend….OOH my God!!!!What A Fiend we All have in Linda!You still have room on your shoulders for all those little friends(angels) enjoying the journey with you?If not …we’re coming along anyway!!Don’t forget those fingers in the shower.

    • joe carrroll says:

      You said something early on about laying back in the rain and looking through your hands or …sorta like that..If you didn’t then try while there’s stil time ! Be Safe.

  107. Katy Delbis says:

    Hello Linda, We have traveled… I use to live in a trailer in Georgia. Came back to Calif to go to school. Didn’t go to school. Started to get my life together slowly with God’s help and friends like you along the way. I got married and have two wonderful boys that also have challenges. I was working for a long time and have recently started a new journey trying to find a place for me. I have always just stumbled into jobs and never had the courage to see what I want and can do. About a year ago I started exploring acting and taking classes. I really enjoy it. I have felt like it is a calling.I usually just talk and don’t take action. I don’t want to be 107 years old and have regret to what might have been.. I have been inspired by your journey to change and In honor of your journey I will commit to printing out my headshots and I will have them in my possession before you return. God speed..and OH, the places we will go…Katy Delbis

  108. Terry Reilly says:

    Linda, All of us at IndyWest Harley-Davidson look forward to meeting you Monday and we did get an ok from WISHTV Channel 8 just minutes ago that you will be a guest on their IndyStyle TV show Tuesday at 8:30 am. Will send you more details by email. God bless, Terry

  109. Angela says:

    Dearest Linda,
    My heart and prayers go with you on this trip – may it be a marvelous journey of inspiration, exhileration and joy! I love you and will miss you dearly while you are gone – and I plan to keep tabs on you and leave you messages all over the place! Be safe and sane – you can do this and you will return a better person for it afterwards! God’s speed to you!

  110. Cristina Mistri says:

    Linda, You are an inspiration! Keep us post it on your journey. We will be with you! Be safe

  111. samuel young says:

    I would like to donate along with my friends. Be safe .

    • autumn b says:

      hello my name is autumn your story was brouht to my attention by my dear riewnd ed who also to my understanding is ur father. i have also have seen the dark sides of the streets to many times i just wanted to let u know that ur story is very inspring and i wish you the very best of luck

    • Thank you so much Samuel!! Together, we can make a difference!!

  112. Linda so many years missed yet if I was there i could never meet the woman before me a trade off with such a mix I could never have brought you to this level Im so proud of you but so much more proud just to know you Love forever your Daddy GOD BLESS YOU you just dance and shine girl LOVE AGAIN DADDY

  113. GLENN BATES says:


  114. Gina Mathews says:

    Linda, Hi I am Ed’s Niece from Georgia, Look forward to following your Journey, Good Luck and may God be with you on every mile of your Journey, from someone who has been down that road of despair I am very proud of you, I know that Ed is very proud also. Good Luck


  115. Suzi Wallace says:

    You have always amazed me. You are such an amazing woman. Please remember to keep it simple and be safe. I love you and I know your higher power is on this journey with you.

  116. Marcy Valenzuela says:

    Linda what an amazing woman you are to take on such a courageous feat. We’ll be following your awesome adventure. God bless you and ride safe. Looking forward to your posts.

  117. Willie Schmeltz says:

    You are an inspiration to me and many others my friend. Lisa and I will be praying for your safe trip and return. Have a great time 🙂

  118. Steve Rogers says:

    What a great adventure! I am sooo happy for you, and jealous, that you are able to make this trip. I wish I could go with you. Ride safe and have a great time, my friend. We will be in the wind with you when you return.

  119. joe carrroll says:

    As you make it into Penna.I know a place that has the answer.Soft pretzel with a cherry water ice;still with some room for a tastykake butterscotch krimpet with a small scoop of vanilla breyers ice cream…this place called PHILLY will rock under your wheels…please do not crack the Liberty bell in doing so!!!Forgot the Frank’s Blackberry soda.

  120. Larry Hubbard says:

    Linda if you get near willcox or vail AZ let me know i’ll buy dinner and supply the windex to get rid of the bugs be safe !!

    • Larry,

      Thank you for taking the time to contact Journey to Change!! I can’t do this alone!! Please share what I’m doing with others and help me reach my goal!! I will be traveling thru Wilcox from El Paso to Mesa. You are welcome to meet me at either dealership!! Please check my route page for dates and approx times!! TOGETHER, we can each have a journey to change!!

  121. J.R. Meeker says:

    This is awesome what your doing. Maybe when your around Champaign Illinois a group of us can ride with you for a bit. JR

  122. gerald winokur says:

    not sure who the scared women is/was, but you certainly are not her. ride safe, and be well. you aren’t coming by Boston, or south FL, but would love to follow your journey as you travel across the country. I will be in TN, GA, and VA from 7/5-7/18. tell us what you are riding and share the details and fun.

  123. Joleen Benish says:

    I wish you the best trip ever!!! I cant wait to see the pictures…..ride safe and God Be With You All The Way!!!

  124. Deb Conver says:

    You Rock!!! What an example you are,

  125. Donna Johnson says:

    Your’re amazing! The wold needs more women like you!

  126. Dr Jan Taplin says:

    Hi Linda: Just wondering what charities you are raising money for?

  127. Kathleen says:

    Lots of Love on your journey… GOD will take care of you and we will all be waiting for your return…BIG LOVE… to YOU! Kathleen

  128. Julianna Zimmerman says:

    I have to give you all the credit in the world fcr such a courageous venture.. I hope there will be a blog about your trip so many of us can follow u through this next chapter in your life. I live in Southern Illinois which is not far from where u will be passing. Its worth teh stop esp to see BaldKnob Cross in Alto Pass it is very inpiring spot.. Best of luck

  129. Angie C says:

    You are my personal Hero Linda!!!!!

  130. Maurice Swift says:

    Linda, hope to see you when you hit the Lou.

  131. classylowrider says:

    Looking forward to following your travels throught your blog… How long have you been riding? Are you choosing to traveling alone? Is this like a riding sabbatical? you are inspiring so many others to ride, women and men…. I started a blog of my rides last Friday… not sure if I’m writing about my rides for myself or others…. deb

  132. Kristen Evans says:

    I will be watching daily for your post. I wish I was going on this journey. But there one small problem I don’t know how to ride and I don’t have a bike. Prayers and hugs my friend.

  133. Gail Kanney says:

    You go girl. Just got back from WestPoint. Graduation was great. I’ll be calling you before you leave. God Bless you my friend.

  134. Olga Koleshcuk says:

    You are my mentor, my Angel, my inspiration, Linda! I know you will be safe, we will be praying for you. You go, girl, show them how it’s done! Love you!!

  135. Mick Henry says:

    Linda, What you are about to do is truly inspiring. I wish you a safe and fruitful journey, our thoughts are with you. If you ever feel like another challenge and a change of scenery, you should venture over here to Australia and tour our beautiful country. All the best Mick 🙂

  136. Kristina Howell says:

    So proud of you!!!!!!!

  137. Debbie Acoast says:

    Site look awesome!!!! You know I love you!!!!!!

  138. Melissa Donadio says:

    Linda, I have no idea who the scared woman is that you talk about when you share about what is was like for you. You are the most courageous woman I know. Thank you for the strength you give to me when I’m that scared woman! I love you ver much and I’m proud to know you! Love, Melissa

  139. Terri Day says:

    I think you are beautiful flower that continues to bloom over and over and I am so blessed to be your friend, you are a great example of what God will do for us when we listen to HIM. You ROCK girlfriend and I am proud of you also.

  140. Chris Wilson says:

    All the best and enjoy teh ride. Have just completed 2500 miles alone around the south island of new zealand on my soft tail and loved the experience. One day I hope to have an epic adventure around the states as well. Blue, sky, may the bike gods be with you and above all have fun Chris x

  141. Dean McKee says:

    Looks like you will be traveling through St Louis..would love to meet up with you and encourage you on your venture!!

  142. Dean McKee says:

    Looks like you will be traveling throught St Louis… would love to meet up with you and encourage you on your venture!!

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