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Bull Dog

September 10, 2011 by Linda Lee Patterson

Bull Dog

Reggie called me and I could hear the distress in his voice, “Would you be willing to ride to Vegas with me? My mom is dying and I don’t want to go alone.” I don’t know Reggie very well so I was very touched that he would ask me. I did not hesitate to say yes.

When we arrived in Vegas, we went to see his mom in the hospital. After, we rode to his father’s house and hung out with him for a few hours. The neighbor came out and was checking out our bikes.  Fred invited us to come see what he had in his garage!!

When he opened the door, Bull Dog sat there on the garage floor!! Green and bright!! “She’s beautiful!” I exclaimed. “Throw a leg over,” Fred said.

I was shocked!! This man had just met me and he was allowing me to ride his prized possession!! I took her for a spin in the neighborhood and she was a sweet ride!!

Fred and I stood on the driveway, after he had shown me his Harley trophy and collection of license plates and frames.

“I want to find a group to ride with that is a religious group. When I crashed my Bull Dog, I was drunk.  I heard God say to me that He had enough to look after without looking after me. I haven’t had a drink since that day.”  I was awed that Fred was telling me this. “How long ago was that Fred?” I asked.  “It’s been 9 months and I haven’t wanted to drink at all. I owe it all to God and I want to pay Him back.”

Tears came to my eyes as Fred was speaking to me. I had come to Vegas to help Reggie and his family say goodbye to their mother. I threw a pebble in the pond of life. I was willing to put my plans to the side to show up and be there for someone in need. Fred is a ripple.

“Fred, I’m coming back to Vegas on Sept 23. I’m riding with a group on the 24th. They are a religious group!! I haven’t met them yet although I’m sure they are a great bunch of people!! I would be honored if you would come with me and allow me to introduce you to them!!”

Fred’s smile and the light in his eyes was worth a million bucks!!

Funny how life places you just where you need to be and, if your awake and present, you get to see the miraculous connected threads that bind us together!!

See you on the 24th Fred!! I’m excited to introduce you, and me, to Valley Bible Fellowship Motorcycle Ministry!!

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