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Sweet Wet Rain Kisses

October 5, 2011 by Linda Lee Patterson

Remember when you were a child and the rain would come down from the skies so gray. Your mom would not let you go out and play in it…

When you headed to school in the morning, the puddles would call your name…

You would run laughing and splashing thru the streets. You would get to school, soaking wet, cheeks like apples from the cold. The teacher would look at you sternly and scold you for having fun.

NEWS FLASH…  You are all grown up now…  You are not sugar; You will not melt in the rain… Take a special someone and go out and dance, sing, laugh and kiss!!  GO ON!! DO IT!!

Don’t worry about what the neighbors are thinking. Don’t think about those wet clothes. Just throw caution to the wind and grab your special someone by the hand and go get wet!!

If you’ve forgotten… this will help…

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