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Sweet Ride!! WOW Compliment!!

September 12, 2011 by Linda Lee Patterson

I went to my mechanic’s today.  I owed him the labor money from the last fix on my Dragon Slayer… We were standing outside talking about my trip to Vegas this past weekend.  I told him that she ran great. He looked at me with this funny look on his face. “Don’t take this the wrong way… You ride like a dude and I’m very impressed!!” HA HA HA

Charles Walley You Need Some Tatts Your Too Clean To Be On Bikes Go Get Some Stick Ons And Put Them On Your Arms Biker Chick Lol.

The above is what Charles put on my pic of “Bull Dog”!! HA HA HA Guess I have what it takes to be a biker chick right where is counts Charles!! In the saddle!! HA HA HA


Posted by Linda Patterson on the run!!

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