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Dragon Slayer’s Name

September 13, 2011 by Linda Lee Patterson

She wasn’t always called my Dragon Slayer…

Her name use to be Classy Sassy.  I thought all her chrome was very Classy!!  HA HA  I bought her in a time of my life when all was right.  My former husband and I found her in Northern California at a bike fest.  He said he saw the same bike at the Simi Valley Harley-Davidson Dealership.  When we returned from our trip, we went and saw her.

She captured my heart straight off.  She was so shiny and beautiful!! She was big and bold!! She was strong and fast!! First thing I did was change her pipes to beef up her sound!! She was perfect!!

In March of 2010, her name was changed.  She became my Dragon Slayer!! My life was starting to splinter and she seemed to be the only sense of stability I could hang onto.

At first, I would throw a leg over and ride the mountains and talk to her.  It would feel like she was listening intently.  Her solidness made me feel safe and secure.  As my life fractured more, I would spend hours in her saddle.  Dreaming of things to come!! Making plans and moving fast!! She made me feel so powerful!! Like no matter what life threw at me, she and I could conquer it!! She made me feel 6 foot 7!!

She carried me through some very dark times. Times when I didn’t want to live anymore. When I had forgotten how to laugh, her vibrations would speak to my heart and sooth my soul. She often dried my tears in the wind.

I would ride her deep into the night, sliding around corners and scraping her floorboards, hard!! She was always ready for our next journey!! She made me believe that life was for laughing, loving and living again!!

My Dragon Slayer… She is always in my heart and on my mind!! When I lay down at night, I often think of her, resting in the garage, snug for the night. I say a little prayer each night, “Sweet dreams my Dragon Slayer, I will visit you there!!” I often do, sweeping the curves in my dreams!!

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  1. Marty says:

    That’s a mighty fine name for your sweet ride! The black beauty in the Harley Song looks like mine except for blue! Thanks sharing Linda.

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