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  1. Dragon Slayer’s Name

    September 13, 2011 by Linda Lee Patterson

    She wasn’t always called my Dragon Slayer…

    Her name use to be Classy Sassy.  I thought all her chrome was very Classy!!  HA HA  I bought her in a time of my life when all was right.  My former husband and I found her in Northern California at a bike fest.  He said he saw the same bike at the Simi Valley Harley-Davidson Dealership.  When we returned from our trip, we went and saw her.

    She captured my heart straight off.  She was so shiny and beautiful!! She was big and bold!! She was strong and fast!! First thing I did was change her pipes to beef up her sound!! She was perfect!!

    In March of 2010, her name was changed.  She became my Dragon Slayer!! My life was starting to splinter and she seemed to be the only sense of stability I could hang onto.

    At first, I would throw a leg over and ride the mountains and talk to her.  It would feel like she was listening intently.  Her solidness made me feel safe and secure.  As my life fractured more, I would spend hours in her saddle.  Dreaming of things to come!! Making plans and moving fast!! She made me feel so powerful!! Like no matter what life threw at me, she and I could conquer it!! She made me feel 6 foot 7!!

    She carried me through some very dark times. Times when I didn’t want to live anymore. When I had forgotten how to laugh, her vibrations would speak to my heart and sooth my soul. She often dried my tears in the wind.

    I would ride her deep into the night, sliding around corners and scraping her floorboards, hard!! She was always ready for our next journey!! She made me believe that life was for laughing, loving and living again!!

    My Dragon Slayer… She is always in my heart and on my mind!! When I lay down at night, I often think of her, resting in the garage, snug for the night. I say a little prayer each night, “Sweet dreams my Dragon Slayer, I will visit you there!!” I often do, sweeping the curves in my dreams!!

  2. Sweet Ride!! WOW Compliment!!

    September 12, 2011 by Linda Lee Patterson

    I went to my mechanic’s today.  I owed him the labor money from the last fix on my Dragon Slayer… We were standing outside talking about my trip to Vegas this past weekend.  I told him that she ran great. He looked at me with this funny look on his face. “Don’t take this the wrong way… You ride like a dude and I’m very impressed!!” HA HA HA

    Charles Walley You Need Some Tatts Your Too Clean To Be On Bikes Go Get Some Stick Ons And Put Them On Your Arms Biker Chick Lol.

    The above is what Charles put on my pic of “Bull Dog”!! HA HA HA Guess I have what it takes to be a biker chick right where is counts Charles!! In the saddle!! HA HA HA


    Posted by Linda Patterson on the run!!

  3. Ice Cream Party!!

    September 11, 2011 by Linda Lee Patterson

    Home from Vegas!! Wonderful ride home!! later then expected… Ice Cream party @ my house!! All are welcome!! I will supply the ice cream, you bring a topping!!

    Posted by Linda Patterson on the run!!

  4. Bull Dog

    September 10, 2011 by Linda Lee Patterson

    Bull Dog

    Reggie called me and I could hear the distress in his voice, “Would you be willing to ride to Vegas with me? My mom is dying and I don’t want to go alone.” I don’t know Reggie very well so I was very touched that he would ask me. I did not hesitate to say yes.

    When we arrived in Vegas, we went to see his mom in the hospital. After, we rode to his father’s house and hung out with him for a few hours. The neighbor came out and was checking out our bikes.  Fred invited us to come see what he had in his garage!!

    When he opened the door, Bull Dog sat there on the garage floor!! Green and bright!! “She’s beautiful!” I exclaimed. “Throw a leg over,” Fred said.

    I was shocked!! This man had just met me and he was allowing me to ride his prized possession!! I took her for a spin in the neighborhood and she was a sweet ride!!

    Fred and I stood on the driveway, after he had shown me his Harley trophy and collection of license plates and frames.

    “I want to find a group to ride with that is a religious group. When I crashed my Bull Dog, I was drunk.  I heard God say to me that He had enough to look after without looking after me. I haven’t had a drink since that day.”  I was awed that Fred was telling me this. “How long ago was that Fred?” I asked.  “It’s been 9 months and I haven’t wanted to drink at all. I owe it all to God and I want to pay Him back.”

    Tears came to my eyes as Fred was speaking to me. I had come to Vegas to help Reggie and his family say goodbye to their mother. I threw a pebble in the pond of life. I was willing to put my plans to the side to show up and be there for someone in need. Fred is a ripple.

    “Fred, I’m coming back to Vegas on Sept 23. I’m riding with a group on the 24th. They are a religious group!! I haven’t met them yet although I’m sure they are a great bunch of people!! I would be honored if you would come with me and allow me to introduce you to them!!”

    Fred’s smile and the light in his eyes was worth a million bucks!!

    Funny how life places you just where you need to be and, if your awake and present, you get to see the miraculous connected threads that bind us together!!

    See you on the 24th Fred!! I’m excited to introduce you, and me, to Valley Bible Fellowship Motorcycle Ministry!!

  5. Firework Show!!

    September 10, 2011 by Linda Lee Patterson

    Riding across the desert on my Dragon Slayer!! Spectacular natural fire work show!! Lighting!! Wow wow wow!!

    Posted by Linda Patterson on the run!!

  6. House of Cards

    September 8, 2011 by Linda Lee Patterson

    You could still feel the tension, thick in the house. A black cloud of sickness hung heavy in each room. The metallic smell of death was in the air. We lived in that house, each of us, our souls dying.

    The last few weeks, after my surrender were pure hell. Funny thing was, I felt totally at peace, deep down inside. I had surrendered. I had made a pact with God. I stopped rebuilding the House of Cards.

    A few weeks earlier, my youngest daughter, attempted to take her own life. God knows what kind of hell a little 10 year old must be going through, when her only solution was suicide. I knew then that something must change. I wasn’t really sure what to do, although I didn’t think she was going to survive my life.  She just wasn’t as strong as I was.

    I tried to speak to my husband about her suicide attempt. He was incapable of discussing it. He took the canoe out of the garage and placed it on his red pick up truck. “When I return, I want my wife back,” he growled. My heart sank as I watched him back out of the driveway.

    I called a locksmith and the locks were changed a few hours later. I was desperate and I was running out of options.  He kicked the door down when he returned that night.  My daughter and I sat huddled together and you could smell the terror pouring from us.

    My two step children had left a few months before. They always went to visit their mom in the summer, although this time, they did not return.  My 15 year old stepson was breaking the law and getting into major trouble and my 17 year old stepdaughter was pregnant with twins. A part of me was glad that they had made it out safely, although I could see the damage had already scared them.

    My husband carved up his arms and wrote me a letter in his blood. He wanted his wife back. The wife who did not stand up for herself. The wife who did as she was told and made no waves. The one who allowed him to not work and contribute to the household. The one who was lost and broken.

    She didn’t exist anymore. I’m not even sure where she went. The transformation was sudden and I had been given a strength to make changes that I was unable to even see before. My surrender was proceeded by finding myself on my knees, praying to God. Knowing He had no time for the likes of me. Believing that He may be real, although I had done so many bad things, He could never love me. “God, I don’t know if Your real and I don’t know if Your out there, but I’m gonna step off the cliff and I’m hoping You will catch me.” Right then, I stopped, surrendered and stepped out into the unknown. I’ve never looked back, my life has never been the same.

    When the police came, I knew to tell the truth. “He has a AK47 in the room with him,” I whispered. They told me that if I could not get him to come out, they would evacuate the street and bring out the swat team. The bomb squad had already arrived and the street in front of my house, was full of police cars.

    I wondered, what did God have against me to create so much drama. I knew I had made a few mistakes, although I never screwed up this badly. I regretted enlisting His help now!! He had made a complete mess of things… or so I thought.

    I could spend the rest of my life, giving back to God and I know I will never be able to repay even a fraction of the gifts He has given me!! I thought my life was over, 13 years ago today, little did I know, it had just begun!!

  7. From Leather to Lace!!

    September 3, 2011 by Linda Lee Patterson

    Had a beautiful ride this morning!! The air was crisp this am and then warmed up nicely!!

    After a refreshing nap, donning a dress; I’m headed to a book signing in Beverly Hills!!

    Not my book signing yet!! Although soon it will be!! Ha ha

    I think I will chase the moonbeams tonight again!! Who wants to join me??



    Posted by Linda Patterson on the run!!

  8. A Star is Born??

    September 3, 2011 by Linda Lee Patterson

    So… If you caught the Chattin in Manhattan interview with Garth and Kim, Chick Gab Chick, you know that my Dragon Slayer captured Garth’s heart!! She has a way of doing that… Her siren song plays awfully loud… Garth’s infatuation with my Dragon Slayer caught the attention of some other folks also… Do you think a star might be born?? OMG OMG OMG I better wash her chrome!!

    We have a very important meeting next week!!  Keep us in your prayers!!

    A star is born!!

  9. Riding the Moonbeams!!

    September 1, 2011 by Linda Lee Patterson

    The weather was cooler this evening. I wore my fingerless gloves and my fingers got cold.

    The moonbeams were calling my name and my Dragon Slayer wanted to roll!!

    The nice thing about riding after dark… Sweeping into the curves, scraping her floor boards, hard!! Sparks fly!!

    I wonder who’s heart she captured this eve?

    It’s almost the weekend and I’m sure we have more adventures ahead of us!!

    Sweet Dreams my Dragon Slayer… I will visit you there..

    Posted by Linda Patterson on the run!!